Sweet Peas

2 bunches of Sweet Peas arranged in many vases

I happened to be at the Thursday Farmers Market at the Ferry Building this week and several vendors were carrying Sweet Peas. One vendor had all their bunches of flowers: Sunflowers, Sweet Peas and Dahlias for 5 $ a bunch! I could hardly believe it. People were walking off with several bunches of long bright yellow sunflowers thrown across their shoulders. They looked great. I decided to go with another vendor also selling Sweet Peas but for a different price. A lower price. Sorry, I do like a good deal. So I bought 2 bunches of Sweet Peas for 5 $. They are so fragrant and well, sweet. The bunches are also quite generous. I have more Sweet Peas than I know what to do with.

Unfortunately they don’t like the heat. Unfortunately many people in the San Francisco/Marin area do not have air condition in their homes. With doors and windows open it is still very hot inside. Yesterday the temperature in the upstairs area was above 95. The Sweet Peas don’t care for these conditions, can you blame them? They are looking a little droopy now. I have gotten about 3 days out of them. Not bad, even for 5 dollars spent. The smell is unforgettable.

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