Wild Egg-Yolk Flower

I have actually seen growers selling this tall white flower at local Farmers Markets recently. It must be in season. Whatever it is. What do you know, I saw some growing alongside the street here in the neighborhood. They seemed to have escaped their grower’s yard. Better for me… And just in case you are wondering I do not forage from anyones front or back yard. I always forage from neutral property. I am always discreet, respectful and never take more than I can carry. If anything, I re-root at home, hence, continuing the growing process. Somewhere else.

This flower reminds me of a tall stalky poppy, as well as an egg yolk. For obvious reasons. It has a light scent and the pollen does shed. Unfortunately..

Wild. Flowers

This flowering plant is growing alongside the highways and I can’t help but be enchanted by the tiny yellow flowers attached to the branches which seem to grow in no particular order. The pattern is all its own. The growth reminds me of Pencil Plant (cactus family).

On a walk today I did my civic duty (of trimming and pruning) by cutting back some of this wild yellow plant. I had enough to fashion into several arrangements, including this one (above) with a curious pink flower.

I was running along the mountain trail and seriously stopped right in my tracks. I really thought I had discovered  wild orchids growing up on the mountain and was kicking myself for not bringing my pocket knife. Upon closer inspection this pink bloom is attached to a vine that is flat and light in weight.

I took enough to arrange in vases as well as to pop into soil. I am really hoping this clipping roots, as I’d love it growing wild across the balcony.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower is one of my favorite flowers and trailing vine. I happened upon a large overgrown bush of Passion Flower and decided to snip a small section. I got home and promptly put in a small vase with water and wrapped some of the stem around the vase. Several blooms have opened since. They also close at different times of the day. And then open again. The snipping is doing quite well. When changing the water yesterday I noticed the end of the vine has begun to take root. This is so exciting! Today I transferred the clipping to a clay pot filled with soil and set it up on the front porch in front of the railing. I am really hoping this plant takes off and eventually covers the whole balcony with wonderful Passion Flower blooms..

Sweet Peas

2 bunches of Sweet Peas arranged in many vases

I happened to be at the Thursday Farmers Market at the Ferry Building this week and several vendors were carrying Sweet Peas. One vendor had all their bunches of flowers: Sunflowers, Sweet Peas and Dahlias for 5 $ a bunch! I could hardly believe it. People were walking off with several bunches of long bright yellow sunflowers thrown across their shoulders. They looked great. I decided to go with another vendor also selling Sweet Peas but for a different price. A lower price. Sorry, I do like a good deal. So I bought 2 bunches of Sweet Peas for 5 $. They are so fragrant and well, sweet. The bunches are also quite generous. I have more Sweet Peas than I know what to do with.

Unfortunately they don’t like the heat. Unfortunately many people in the San Francisco/Marin area do not have air condition in their homes. With doors and windows open it is still very hot inside. Yesterday the temperature in the upstairs area was above 95. The Sweet Peas don’t care for these conditions, can you blame them? They are looking a little droopy now. I have gotten about 3 days out of them. Not bad, even for 5 dollars spent. The smell is unforgettable.

More Bottlebrush

I couldn’t resist picking this bunch of Bottlebrush and added a few things to go with it while on a hike yesterday. As I mentioned before in several earlier posts, Bottlebrush grows everywhere and the bushes of this wiry red flower are huge. I can’t help but feel I’m doing helpful trimming.

Also included in the hand-tied bouquet are a fragrant white flower and a sprig of a wild pink flower. I am not sure what variety of flowers the white and pink are. I just love pink and red as a combination is arrangements. Always reminiscent of Valentine’s Day.

Ferns, Leaves and Constance Spry

You know I’m a big fan of backyard leaves and simple arrangements using local stems. Behold, ferns and leaves. A nice way to freshen up the mantle piece with vibrant green. And behold my floral inspiration..

“As a florist, social reformer, teacher and best-selling author, CONSTANCE SPRY (1886-1960) democratised home-making in mid-20th century Britain by teaching millions of people that – with a little imagination – they could beautify their homes with flowers plucked from hedgerows and scraps of wasteland.”

Is it safe to say Constance Spry is the original Martha Stewart? Well I am late in the game to really discover Constance Spry and her work. Somehow though I have been following her floral philosophy of using what blooms around you. I certainly admit to being inspired and influenced by past issues of Domino magazine (I miss you Domino!) that included flower arrangements by the fabulous designer Nicolette Camille. Her work is certainly beautiful and certainly inspiring as well.