Peonies and Nasturtium

I had a lovely time working at a florist in the city over Mother’s Day weekend. I really enjoy working this major floral holiday because it’s in Spring time and the selection is usually incredible. As well, it’s a celebration of Mothers and people are happy and appreciative and want the very best for the Moms in their family. It was wonderful to be surrounded by bunches of Tulips, varieties of Hydrangea, Dog wood branches, Vanda Orchids, Anemones, Lilac, Ranunculus, and Peonies. Oh yes Peonies, in shades of Burgundy, White, Pink, Coral and even pale yellow(the priciest at 16/stem). I love Peonies, they have to be one of my favorite flowers, so while out grocery shopping early in the week I happened upon a bunch at a really great price and couldn’t resist. After all it has been quite some time since I’ve purchased flowers. I am enjoying these coral charm Peonies, immensely. They make me very happy.

While on a hike I stumbled upon a lovely large tree with tiny pink blooms. I’m not sure what it is but it works really well with my Peonies.

Last weekend we went out to dinner and I couldn’t resist this viney plant with orange flowers hanging over the car in the lot we parked in. It was dark at the time so I couldn’t tell what exactly was but I took some home. It is so flexible and I arranged it casually in a short vase. A friend came by a few days after and said :

“I like what you’ve done with the Nasturtium”. Ah, Nasturtium, glad to meet you again and edible as well. What a delight. I see a salad in my future.

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