Wildflower Bouquets

In a previous life I worked in a flower shop in Texas. I certainly miss working in that flower shop now. Being amongst constant, and amazing beautiful selections of fresh-cut flowers. Many exotic, many tropical, and many from  far away places, like Holland, Costa Rica, and even California. I loved having the creative freedom to put something together based upon a certain price range, and with no other specifics. I use to love when I was just given an amount to work with, and it was free rein to create what ever I wanted; designer’s choice. I do miss those days…how fitting now that I live in California, the land of flora and fauna. The land of plenty. Tall purple Lilac trees are blooming down the street. My mind is still amazed to see Calla Lilies sprouting tall everywhere. Abundant bushes of Hydrangea in every yard. Tulips and Iris grow wild….yes that is how it is here..abudantly beautiful.

I am fortunate to have access to some amazing hiking trails close by, and I find inspiration around me constantly. My mind still churns with creative ideas, and I see color, texture, and the balance of design in many things. Even within the sight of a snail who has lost its shell, or rather is looking for one. And moss engulfing a muddy step.

And though I do not have daily access to tulips and roses in every color imaginable, or daily deliveries from far, wide, and locally, I have my own local. And I can’t help but not create something from what is around me. The Queen Anne’s lace is in full bloom, and is some of the tallest varieties I have seen. There are many other wild flowers growing and I am in awed inspiration….

On my hike today, I decided to bring my camera as well as a strong grip. I began collecting, foraging, designing, arranging..I started with this, and it slowly evolved into something more.

Composed of wild Iris, Queen Anne’s lace, several types of grasses, leaves, and several flowers I honestly don’t know the names of it is essentially a spring wildflower bouquet. When I arrived home, I decided to re work the flowers into a small glass square vase I happen upon at the local Ross for about 6 dollars. I am happy with the arrangement as a casual and wild hand tied bouquet, which I’d love to tie with some gold or black satin ribbon. It also works well as a wild yet composed vase arrangement. Would be lovely in a small silver julep cup or brass gravy dish..

As my dear friend Charles ( a brilliant and fabulous Floral designer and Chef) once told me ” When life gives you lemons you make lemonade”. Well I have plenty of lemons, and I’m happily squeezing away..

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