Dr.Seuss blooms

This large stalky purple plant is growing just about everywhere I look right now and I don’t know the name of it. It reminds me of an endangered plant you might find in the jungles of Central America or something from the mind of Dr. Seuss and one of his Sneetches books. I used it about a month ago in this bright yellow arrangement (above left) along with the non blooming greenery accompanying the plant itself because it is so unusual and has such a striking color. I also like mixing textures, and the heaviness of the bloom was a nice contrast to the more thin and delicate daffodil blooms.

Walking back from a nice hike yesterday, I couldn’t resist in helping myself to some of this plant. After all it is growing like a weed (because it is) from a large overgrown cluster that is currently attempting to take over a side street in the neighborhood. How could I not perform my civic duty of local pruning in the lovely 94965…I am considerate yes.

I was stopped though mid pluck, by our postman Barney who advised me to not let this wild purple plant get in contact with the skin. I smiled, as I was standing there clutching 5 large stalks, that were in fact itching my hands like crazy…soap and water, followed by lotion is what Barney recommended. I rarely use gloves and I know I should. I’ve already had my first encounter with poison oak, and that was not a memorably pleasant experience. Luckily the itching subsided and has not returned.

I certainly miss floral designing and loosely arranging flowers as I once did in a previous life. In the meantime I am using my boundless passion for flowers and creativity by encouraging local blooms into local vases.

I am a huge fan of  these white and black rectangular vases. I would have loved to use this tall white vase (below)

to fill with these wild exotic purple blooms.

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