Purple and Green

Succulent collection and ferns from off the beaten path, arranged in a glass cube

Not sure of the name of this purple flower. It’s growing in the front yard, and I thought I’d try the blooms floating in this new cobalt blue glass bowl. I’m having a floating moment…

Each day I walk past the neighbor’s Lilac tree, and it is slowly exploding with fragrant purple blossoms..I’ve also seen a few other yards recently that have the white Lilac trees blooming and those are just as pretty.

I also stumbled upon a large amount of Japanese purple Wisteria. It is so amazing! I’ve actually seen it grow in Austin just briefly in the spring and it takes me back to childhood memories and Elementary school. I went to the oldest school in Texas called Pease, and in the yard there was a Wisteria tree, a little one, with windy vines and gorgeous hanging blooms. A friend of mine used to say it smelled like –purple bubblegum

Wisteria is growing everywhere here. It is so exciting what spring reveals. California is truly a gardener’s paradise.

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