Wild Spring Clippings

Bottle Brush /Callistemon is a really neat plant that grows wild here in the Bay Area.I am fascinated to discover it is native plant to Australia and New Caledonia (off coast of New Zealand) and one always wonders how it migrated to these parts… I am having a lot of fun using it in different ways. The vibrancy of the color is really visually uplifting and dramatic.

Ornithogalum/ Hyacinthaceae is another flowering species popping up everywhere right now. It grows tall in stalks and abundantly along the pathway of the hike I take in Tennessee Valley. I am previously familiar with the Star of Bethlehem variety that tends to grow much smaller with a pointy head shape, as well as the  Sun StarDubium type that is a wonderful shade of orange. I have handled some Ornithogalum/ Dubium with stems as thick as an Agapanthus stalk.

I put the Ornithogalum in a tall bottle. It only lasted as a cut for about 4 days.

Two other clippings I have foraged from recent walks. The hot pink rose-shaped flower is growing throughout the neighborhood. I have seen the flowers in red and light pink color. The flower heads seem to drop off the tree after blooming. You will see them  scattered in the streets, sidewalks, and around the tree base. I am curious to know what this tree is, and will have to investigate further.

*Update! I have just been informed this flower is the Camellia.

Pictured with it is a lovely trailing vine I discovered on a hike. I am not sure of the name to this one but the flowers bloomed as a light pink and purple color.

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