Maybe it’s Lilac that marks the beginning of Spring in many places. Or perhaps it’s the sign of the first wild Iris emerging from a gravelled path that indicates Spring’s arrival. Whatever the case, lilac is blooming just down the street from me and I couldn’t be more excited about this. I am well aware of the fact that it grows as rampant weed in the upstate New York area. No one blinks an eye over this. Some might say that too much of a good thing is bad for you, but surely this can’t be the case where lilac is concerned.

I spoke with someone just today who grew up in Massachusetts and he was remembering growing up in a house that sat in front of an entire yard filled with lilac bushes. One whiff of the branch I was holding, was enough to transport him back to those days of running barefoot in the grass, playing in the mud and hiding amidst lavender lilac trees while his mother was calling him in for dinner. Some smells can do that for you, and the fragrance of lilac is so distinctive, so sweet, and wonderfully unforgettable.

It has escaped my mind that lilac also grows here in the Bay area. It makes all the sense in the world that it would because of how well it thrives in cooler sunny climates which perfectly describes spring in the Bay. And I’m sure that many others are just as excited as I am to see those wonderfully fragrant flower blooms emerging from dormant winter branches.

Lilac doesn’t grow in Texas, so one might pay about 30-40 $ for a bunch (5 or 6 stems) of lilac, imported from California or sometimes Holland. People do pay that amount for it, I remember buying it by the stem for about 8 dollars. And here it is growing in all its glory just down the street from me….Did I mention that I am excited? Well I am so excited! and I’m off to go meet my neighbors.

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