Spontaneous hand-tied bouquet

Spontaneous hand-tied using lawn leaves tucked under, a succulent clipping (which has lived in an old bottle), sprigs of Blooming acacia (gathered from recent walk) and gorgeous red Ranunculus .

And now for the Vase arrangement..

Ranunculus are one of my favorite blooms..and they happen to be in season now. I love the bright Oranges and Pinks,  and I also love  White paired with White Peonies, and wild Texas grasses.. Which reminds me of the fabulous Texas grown ranunculus that would come in from the Arnosky Flower farm (located in Blanco,Texas.) They grew the most interesting colors, like Burgundy with white tips…

I generally have referred to them as the ‘Poor Man’s Peony’, because they look like a mini Peony when fully open, and usually cost (for a bunch) about the same for a  single stem of Peony. The stem shape is many times curved, and it can become quite difficult to manipulate the shape (in an arrangement) without cutting them shorter… I really love to just stick bunches in a vase alone, and let them find their own space .. these are California grown purchased from Trader Joe’s.

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