In Nature

Yard cuttings and spring blooms everywhere.

Spring is definitely approaching.. All this rain has warranted a gorgeous amount of fresh foliage, and fresh blooms for many.

On my walks, I am delighted to see growing from many a yard, Calla lilies erect from their  large soft green leaves…

Crocosmia sprouting its colors remind me of that wonderful and wild  Texas Indian paintbrush that grows road side,  so vibrant in oranges and red.  The Large bushes of leptospermum ( Incidentally this is a word even my curious mind did not dream up)..

Lepto is from the Myrtle family and the root of the word means ’slender’, I previously enjoyed pairing it with roses or monochromatic with Hydrangea…which brings me to Hydrangea, it grows wonderfully here in California, not in my yard, but I have seen it everywhere. Giant fluffy globes of green and pink. Wonderful and happy. So many great flowers now, and most surprising of all they are so cheap in the shops!

Clearly they cost more in Texas because of freight shipping cost..Though food is more pricier here (in grocery) in California flowers are not.

Around the neighborhood also is incredible amounts of Silver bell Eucalyptus and gorgeous trees filled with the soft fuzzy lemon yellow Blooming Acaciawhich I adore with yellow and red roses, or gobs of it all alone tall…and of course fresh lemons from the neighbor’s tree.

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