Grown Locally

I am really surprised people buy flowers here in SF area…. although I understand why one does, I have to question it still.  This is what is in season and readily available,,… There are so many people fortunate to have amazing blooms growing in their front yards, some of it is just wild & wooly (California natives), and much of the rest, bulbed & bloomed.

It is simply incredible what grows alongside the roads here…and with the rainy and cloudy weather we have had, spotted with the sun’s appearance (a slight warmth) I was really craving lemony, buttery yellows, bright, clean and fresh with a touch of purple and green, like Spring.

I think Spring is approaching, makes me think of Alium (spring onions)…

I bought the daffodils, and the rest  is foraged, from, you know, around…locally.

I stuck a lemon in (from the neighbor’s tree), leaves are from down the street, as well as the Blooming Acacia which is EVERYWHERE now.. I am not quite sure what the interesting purple bloom  is, it grows wild everywhere, tall, stalks, and wild and has no particular fragrance….I am very pleased with the final product.

I was slightly saddened to gift this away, but completely thrilled by the response…